The disruptive electronic offender
monitoring system

Treatment Court solution

Offer the most supportive GPS
Tracking Device
to your participants
with life skills challenges

Upstreem’s unique solution ensures Problem Solving Courts the best
compliance level while offering the most proactive support to
participants in need of life skills support. 


The most Humane & Compliance-driven One-Piece GPS Tracking Device for Problem Solving Courts

Better compliance, no stigma, secure.

ActiveTrack Device






Michael B.
EM service expert,
past Probation Officer

“The Upstreem ActiveTrack device is particularly instrumental in Phase 1 of the program while the participant is getting on board and must adapt to a new set of rules”

A digital assistant for enhanced
compliance & active support to rehabilitation.

Sends automatic reminders of important appointments for the next day, curfew updates & schedule reminders to make sure participants never miss an appointment and goes on time at home.

Write your own words of encouragement or specific messages with the custom messaging system for a positive & personnalized support to participants..

Ensure active vibration & real-time notification for non-compliance.

Discover the other notifications & innovative features in a 30′ personal demo >

Someone wearing ActiveTrack Device

As reliable as traditional
ankle-worn devices

Comfortable and secure fitting.

Anti-tamper and anti-removal mechanisms to provide a reliable tracking solution. (ruggedized, strap cut, slipping off, case open, strap pull & jamming detection)

Automated reaction by the system on 100% of the violations with first instructions given to participant on the bracelet screen, so that no violation stays unanswered.

“If you trust handcuffs, you will trust
the Upstreem wrist-worn device.”

A One-Piece wrist-worn 
GPS device that ends the stigma

The Upstreem ActiveTrack is wrist-worn and looks similar to many popular smart watches on the market which means it blends in with the participant’s everyday activities.

Someone wearing ActiveTrack Device

Other features

  • One-piece GPS device on the LTE network for optimal mobile communication.
  • 48h-battery life with on-the-go charging capability that makes it easier to use.
  • Waterproof and submersible
  • Power-saving Beacon Option (ActiveHome)
  • Intuitive Monitoring Software (ActiveMonitor)

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