The disruptive electronic offender
monitoring system

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The digital assistant
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Upstreem is a startup based in Belgium and offering a disruptive electronic offender monitoring system

At Upstreem, we believe that electronic offender monitoring should aim at changing the offenders’ behavior with the goal to rehabilitate them and to reduce recidivism.

An electronic offender monitoring system cannot just be a punitive surveillance measure. It should also be a digital assistant helping the offenders to better manage their life. At the same time, it should actively assist the monitoring officers in detecting and responding to 100% of violations, and it should also give the social workers insightful information and tools that allow them to help the offenders better in their rehabilitation process.

Of course, the least we can do is to make sure that the system works accurately and reliably. That is why we have based our system on the most advanced technologies so that we offer you the quality you need to carry out your mission. Moreover, a patent has been filed to protect our unique technology.

ActiveTrack Device
Live interview UPSTREEM monitoring system


  • Enables positive reinforcement and gamification schemes on the bracelet to encourage the offenders in their rehabilitation process
  • Actively helps the offenders to comply with the rules via reminders and notifications
  • Personalized information (curfew for the next days, appointments, …) available directly on the bracelet
  • Provides the social workers with information that helps them to prepare and conduct more effective conversations with offenders
Call Center of UPSTREEM monitoring system


  • Automated reaction by the system on 100% of the violations with first instructions given to the offender on the bracelet screen, so that no violation stays unanswered. Monitoring officers can then contact the offender as appropriate and take it up further.
  • Integrated processes in the monitoring application to help the monitoring officers to manage all alarms according to the procedures in place within their organization
UPSTREEM offender monitoring system


  • Easy-to-use monitoring platform with innovative features
  • Relieves the monitoring officers from low level and administrative tasks so that they can better concentrate on offender rehabilitation
  • More precise alarm qualification to ease understanding of the situation in the field