The disruptive electronic offender
monitoring system

About us

Why we are here

At Upstreem, we believe that designing a good electronic offender monitoring system is not so much a technical issue than a human issue. In an electronic offender monitoring program, offender is central, not technology. And this is what drives us in all our developments.

It might sound evident, but it is in everybody’s interest that an electronic offender monitoring program succeeds. It is first of all in the offender’s interest but also in the society’s interest. A successfully rehabilitated offender brings a new contribution to society, doesn’t represent a security threat anymore and doesn’t generate particular costs for society.

No impunity

Studies show that responding to all violations is an important factor in the rehabilitation process. Offender shouldn’t leave with the idea that they can break the rule without being notice and having to take the consequences.

Good information to offenders

Offenders need to be well aware of rules, restrictions and objectives that are imposed on them in order to fulfill them and make their electronic monitoring program a success.

Good information to social workers

Likewise, the better social workers will know what the offenders do, the better they will be able to trigger conversations with them on specific subjects and help them out.

Proactively help

Offenders should be guided through the process, they shouldn’t be left alone with the hope that will comply with the rules. Everything that can be done to help them to comply is good.

Give hope and show the way forward

Very often, offenders are lost and it is not easy for them to start a rehabilitation process. They have lost faith in themselves, in society, in people around them and it takes them a lot to switch their mind and get into a positive mood. By any mean, they should be shown that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

But how does wearing an ankle bracelet help the offender in all this ?

The answer is simple : it doesn’t. Ankle bracelets are good in the sense that they keep people out of jail. But for the rest, they are only useful to government agencies. They don’t help at all offenders to rehabilitate.

So, we need to go to the next step. A surveillance system is not enough anymore. That why we want to add a dimension. Our system is not only a surveillance system, but it is also a digital personal assistant actively helping offenders in their rehabilitation process.

Who we are

Upstreem is a Belgian company founded by two experts in electronic offender monitoring and based close to the Charleroi international airport.

Upstreem has developed a unique technology in partnership with world class players, which brings us far ahead of all the products currently available on the market.

We are backed by a team of solid investors and partners committed to helping Upstreem’s customers to be as successful as possible in their electronic offender monitoring programs.

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