ActiveTrack Device

The smart watch fitted on the offender

Thanks to its screen, buttons and embedded communication, ActiveTrack enables direct interaction with offenders in a dynamic way by sending messages, giving them access to tailored information, triggering reminders, reacting automatically on violations, generating positive reinforcement messages, … and a lot of other features that help them to comply with the rules and assist them actively in their rehabilitation process.


  • Securely fitted on the offender
  • Screen and buttons
  • 48 hours autonomy
  • Infraction detection (strap cut and case opening)
  • Removal detection
  • Ruggedized
  • Connectivity
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope
  • LED and vibrator

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Main screen

Example of main screen with date, time, battery status and current curfew


Reminders can be set to make sure that the offender goes back home on time and that he doesn’t miss any important appointment

Next days curfew

By navigating between the different screens, the offender can easily check the curfew for the next days

Curfew update

On each curfew update by the monitoring officers in ActiveMonitor, a notification message is automatically sent to the offender, and ActiveTrack vibrates to warn the offender of the change

Reinforcement mechanisms

Positive reinforcement mechanisms can be programmed to encourage the offenders that comply with the given rules.

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